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We love travelling on four wheels, the ability to see the world at ground level and the freedom of stopping whenever we want a closer look. Despite the rising cost of fuel, travelling by car is still the most effective way to travel when itís more about the journey than the destination. Hereís a selection of road trips that will take you across the world:


Road trippiní in the USA - fun and debauchery on Route 66


Outback Australia on four wheels - crossing the Nullarbor Plain


Car-trekking in Africa - Namibia's grand canyon, dunes, desert and, of course, a safari

CAUTION! - Road trip tips

Every driving holiday comes with risks, even if you are the best driver in the world. Here are some handy hints to avoid tragedy.

Before you go:

  • Service your car to ensure it is roadworthy. Even if you do it yourself, make sure youíve done a basic check to top up the oil and inflate your tyres to the recommended level. Make sure your spare tyre is roadworthy too. And fill the tank with petrol.
  • Get travel insurance. Even if youíre travelling domestically itís best to ensure everything is covered should you need help.
  • Put together a breakdown kit. An engine manual and a basic tool kit should cover most situations, from changing a flat tyre to jump starting the engine. If youíve serviced your car you shouldnít encounter too many problems unless you meet a spot of misfortune. Write down important phone numbers and bring them with you.
  • Pack a first aid kit. You can buy first aid kits from chemists, some supermarkets and even some post offices - or pack your own with a selection of bandages, adhesives, insect repellent, disinfectants (such as iodine, saline or tea tree oil), a pair of tweezers and a first aid manual. If youíre prone to particular injuries or conditions (e.g. insect allergies), prepare for those situations too. Donít forget sunscreen.
  • Bring some food and water. Even if youíre not going off road itís best to be prepared, especially if you have special nutritional needs. Some towns in the sticks may not have a wide selection of food available, it may be expensive or you may not want to stop for just a snack.

Hiring a car:

  • If youíre hiring a vehicle, the hire company should have serviced your vehicle but it doesnít hurt to ask or have a peek yourself.
  • Familiarise yourself with the car. Even if itís your car you may want to refresh your memory on a few things - from how to engage cruise control to using the jack.
  • Check that your insurance policy covers car hire. If not, most car hire companies will offer it to you when you rent a vehicle.
  • Make sure you have the right car for your needs. Large cars can be thirsty with the petrol but you donít want a city runabout if youíre going off road.

Stress free driving:

  • Change drivers every 2-3 hours. If you are the only driver, take regular breaks to prevent driver fatigue. Stop and take a nap when youíre tired. Even a 15-minute power nap makes a big difference.
  • Donít break the law! It may go without saying, but practices like speeding and drink-driving can really ruin a holiday if it ends in a coffin. Even if you only get fined, it does put a dampener on the holiday atmosphere. If youíre driving in another country, make sure youíre familiar with their road rules, including checking whether you need a special licence or permit.
  • Take care of distractions. Kids are the ultimate concentration-breakers; make sure theyíre occupied with other activities. Music at a high volume and insects buzzing around the car can also be distracting.

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